My creations are to the personality of the individual
. underline
Section lines, material and color to meet a whole.
All orders are handmade by me
made in person.

Fashion design needs for both young and old,Yvonne Iseli
every occasion and every budget are available:
Business suits for ladies
Sporty and Elegant for the afternoon
Casual for the trip
Funky cocktail dresses and for the party
Evening gowns
Or even dreams for the wedding party

My special offer for you:
Consultation with home visit
Together we put together your wardrobe
complement or allow me to create something new.

Of course, also include small and large changes
about my services.
Yvonne Iseli


I grew up in a rural area,
associated with forms and colors of nature.
From this I derive a large part of my inspiration.
The implementation by working with a variety of textiles,
the people are seen at the center, is my way.

"Ask yourself not what the world needs. Ask yourself,
what makes you come alive then go and go and do this
What the world needs are namely, people,
are alive. "
Harold Whitman

Education & activity

Apprenticeship as a dressmaker
Professional examination
Training as teacher
Training Department Leatherworking
Worked for several renowned Swiss
Couture ateliers.

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